VIDEO: GPD Officer Testifies De Soto Said The Devil Told Him to Do It


Guam – Some unnerving details on day two of the DeSoto murder trial. Guam Police Detective Officer Anthony Borja, who was the first to interview Chad Desoto after the Tumon tragedy, testified that DeSoto claimed he committed the crimes because he was promised by the devil “a day off in hell from eternal damnation” if he did.

After escorting DeSoto to the Criminal Investigations Section up in Tiyan, Borja says DeSoto revealed his sinister motive for his bloody rampage when he drove his car through a Tumon sidewalk then jumped out and stabbed people at random. 

“He told me that he read somewhere that if a person were to commit a violent act such as the one he just completed, that person will be given a day off from hell’s eternal damnation,” Borja stated.

Borja says DeSoto’s mother, father and stepmother then came by GPD headquarters to visit their son. While talking with his mother, Borja says he stood outside the door and heard the entire conversation. 

Prosecutor Gerald Henderson: “Before you testified that he read something that he could have a day off in hell, did he talk about that with his mother?”

Borja: “Yes, he mentioned it again to his mother. That he needed to do it because he wanted a day off from hell’s eternal damnation.”

This was again repeated under cross examination by Defense attorney Eric Miller. This time, Miller clarified a key detail about who exactly instructed DeSoto to commit the crimes. 

Defense Attorney Miller: “Wasn’t there also a discussion where he told you that he was instructed to do the things he did?”

Borja: “Yes, sir. He just said that he was instructed–that he spoke to the devil.

Miller: “Did he tell you it was the devil who was speaking to him?”

Borja: “Yes he did, sir.”

Borja also testified that during questioning, DeSoto admitted to his mother that he knew he had done something wrong. Borja added that DeSoto claims to have been abused as a child. 

“He said that he realizes the severity of his actions. He said he remembered striking peole, stabbing people,” recalled Borja. “He said he was aiming at them because he was frustrated with life.”

“I asked him what was bothering him and he explained that his father, Christopher Desoto, I believe, was physically and verbally abusive throughout his childhood,” Borja revealed.

The only good in DeSoto’s life, Borja recalled on the interview, was his girlfriend, Reanne Acasio. But he noted that she had moved to an air base in Utah months before. Borja says he and other detectives visited DeSoto’s home two days after the Tumon tragedy to gather evidence. While there, Borja says he found a letter DeSoto wrote to his girlfriend two days before his rampage. Officer Borja read that letter aloud in court.

Letter from De Soto to Ex-Girlfriend Reanne below:


With Gods grace, may this letter find its way to you. I received your message the other day. I have sent you numerous emails and have asked several people to try and relay this message to you, so far, to no avail.

So now I write this letter. I want to hear your voice again, Reanne. I very much would like to have that talk with you.

If you wish to not talk anymore I will accept that but before we part ways let us have that conversation.

I am lonely and broken, Reanne. Please call me. I shall keep my phone by my side and my Skype online.

– Chad