Michelle Paet Attorney Wants Murder Case Dismissed Over Illegal Search of Cellphone Records


Guam – In the 2010 Las Vegas murder of Airman Nathan Paet, attorneys are at odds over crucial evidence that could prove his wife, Michelle Paet’s guilt.

Michelle Paet was charged with her husband’s murder. Also charged was her lover, Michael Rodriguez, Corry Hawkins and Jessica Austin, all Las Vegas residents.

The case had been scheduled to go on trial several times, but has been postponed each time. Michelle is accused of plotting her husband’s murder to collect on $650,000 on life insurance money.

Las Vegas Metro Police say Michelle sent text messages to Rodriguez minutes before he was killed to let him know when to catch her husband as he left his garage for work.

However, Paet’s defense attorney, Kristina Wildeveld, has filed several motions, one of which aims to suppress evidence seized from what she believes is the warrantless search of Michelle Paet’s cell phone records. The evidence seized from the defendants include four cell phones, computers, cameras and hard drives.

According to court documents, some of the evidence from the cell phones may not be retrievable, however, some of the messages were written down by police. Because of this, Paet’s attorney had also filed a motion to dismiss for failure to preserve or destruction of evidence. Trial has been tentatively scheduled for September 2015.