JFK ALUMNI Basketball Tournament DAY 4 and 5

1 of 12 Alumni Teams 2003-2005

There can be only one!

In what could have been a preview of a championship game, it was 2003-2005 who stood unbeaten, eking out the 64-61 victory against the 2014-2017 GREEN team in the 2018 John F. Kennedy Alumni Tournament.

The two teams came in Wednesday night, bearing identical records, having steamrolled much of the competition. The 2003-2005 team boasts a roster of all stars led by sharpshooter JP Cruz and big man Jeff Serrano. The younger team had several all-island specialists in sniper Billy Belger and slasher Wayne Jesus. Despite not having all-island first-teamer Kurtis Silva, the 2014-2017 utilized speed to keep the older class on its toes.

In the first half, the 14-17 group drained five treys to take a 31-26 lead, overcoming a 16-point performance from Cruz. In the second half, a high-pressure zone from 03-05 limited the number of long-range shots from Belger. On the offensive end, Cruz capitalized on gaps in the 14-17 defense to drop six treys.

Despite the hustle on both sides, it was the 03-05 who capitalized, riding Cruz for the finish. Cruz finished the game with 41 of the team’s 64 points. Serrano added eight points in the win.

Belger finished with 20 in the loss, while teammate Jesus added 15 for the night.

  • 2006-2009 48, 2010-2013 40: Edwardson Panganiban continued the offensive onslaught with 18 points, while teammates Kassius Nakamura and Matt Mira added six apiece for the win. Caleb Cruz dropped 10 in the loss.

  • 1995-1999 57, Lady Islanders 50: Utilizing size and on-the-ball pressure, the 95-99 group outplayed the Lady Islanders. Jun Miranda and Mike Atoigue combined for 26 points, 14 and 12, respectively. Playing without sharpshooter Lili Baranda, the Lady Islanders’ Gertrude Biliran filled the void, dropping 14 points, while teammate Kristine Villena added eight in the loss.

  • 1992-1994 67, Green Machine 63: Allan Aranas continued to hit nothing but the bottom of the net, dropping 29 points. Teammate Jin Han added 12 for the win. Joey Santos had 26 in the loss, while teammate Leo Payumo added 19 points.

  • 2006-09 97, 2010-13 GREEN 56: Panganiban led the offense once again, dropping 30 points. Merwin Martin chipped in 18 for the win. Jonathan Salas had 21 in the loss.

Information provided by Jay Antonio JFK H.S. Athletic director