Federal government shutdown: What to expect


Guam – Without a continuing funding resolution, the federal government is now effectively shutdown. However, not all services will be affected.

Essential services will continue to operate while certain non-essential government functions will either cease or its employees and service members will report to duty without pay.

For employees, service members and civilian workers:

  • Naval Base Guam civilian and government employees, including employees of tenant commands will be required to report to work Monday, Jan. 22. Employees will then be informed of their status or given further instructions
  • Other service members should report for their next day of duty to receive further instruction from their command

Services necessary to national or defense or public safety:

  • Transportation Security Administration airport services will remain open but workers will report to duty without pay while the federal shutdown is in effect
  • Law enforcement personnel essential to public safety or defense will report to work without pay while the federal shutdown is in effect

What’s open and what’s not:


  • Naval Hospital will remain open for emergency care, but routine services may be affected by the shutdown. Updates will be posted on the Naval Hospital Guam Facebook page
  • DoDEA schools will remain open and classes will continue as normal
  • The Child Development Center will remain open with normal hours of operation
  • The NBG Exchange and all satellite NEX outlets will remain open with normal hours of operation
  • The NBG Commissary will remain open with normal hours of operation
  • All MWR facilities will remain open with normal hours of operation until further notice
  • All fire and emergency services are unaffected by the federal shutdown and will continue without interruption
  • The Commercial Inspection Gate will continue operations to allow for commercial delivery and support
  • U.S. Postal Service will remain open
  • Social Security benefits will continue


  • Housing assignments affected
  • Routine processing affected
  • Routine facility repairs to include base housing routine trouble calls will be limited
  • Emergency repairs will be addressed but may be delayed
  • Visitor Control Center closed
  • NSF administrative employees affected
  • Other non-essential base operation services may be affected. Delays are expected
  • VA Call Centers and other Veteran-related services affected
  • Veterans’ claims processing and payments in the compensation, pension, education, and vocational rehabilitation programs will be delayed
  • The War in the Pacific National Historical Park and Guam National Wildlife Refuge (Ritidian Unit) closed
  • U.S. passport and visa applications may be delayed

U.S. Naval Base Guam Commanding Officer Capt. Hans Sholley issued a statement about the federal government shutdown.

“While the shutdown will affect many services onboard Naval Base Guam, I want to personally let you know that we will continue to ensure you and your families have the essential services you need,” said Capt. Sholley.

Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo also issued a release, noting that there are 12,647 federal employees across the five U.S. Territories that have been affected by the federal shutdown.

Federal employees required to report to work or military duty, including those to ensure public safety and emergency services continue will not be paid during the shutdown, however, they may either receive backpay or be furloughed, pending action from Congress.

The current resolution authorizing funding for the federal government expired Friday, Jan. 19 and until Congress passes a new resolution, the government will remain effectively shutdown.

This is now the fourth time this fiscal year that Congress has needed to pass a short-term continuing resolution to ensure the federal government continues its normal operations.

Del. Bordallo pointed to Republicans for “refusing to compromise” with Democrats to ensure a federal shutdown is averted.

“Republicans cannot continue to kick the can down the road to avoid making the hard choices the American people elected them to make,” Bordallo said. “It is unfortunate that Republicans were unwilling to deal with Democrats to avoid this unnecessary shutdown. I hope that in the days ahead, they will work with Democrats to develop a long-term, bipartisan agreement capable of passing both houses of Congress. I share the frustrations of millions of Americans who expect more from their government. We need a long-term solution that addresses key concerns of the American people.

Capt. Sholley, in the meantime, asked affected employees, civilians, families and those who depend on federal services to be patient during this “dynamic situation.”

“You have my personal word that we will do our utmost within our federally mandated direction to continue to serve the fleet, the fighter and our families,” said Capt. Sholley.