American Pacific Nursing Leaders Council promotes health across the Pacific


Guam – The American Pacific Nursing Leader’s Council held their 40th annual conference on Monday, focusing on this year’s theme “40 Years of Innovative Nursing Experience: Promoting Health Across the Pacific.”

Islands in the Pacific region are small and isolated, but while geographical distance may separate us, a shared culture unites us.

Native inhabitants of the islands are a minority population and their health care needs differ from those of heavily populated areas.

Cultural practices shape the way care is perceived and administered.

Health disparities from island to island exist, and it is at this conference that health care professionals gather under the collective APNLC motto “To care is to share”.

“This APNLC meeting hopes to bring more collaborative partnerships among all delegates and nurses from various jurisdictions as well as our other health partners in the region. As you see in the motto of APLNC, to care is to share. So, as leaders in our various health partners in the region, we share our knowledge and best practices, communicate effectively and work together towards building a stronger community of nurses and other health professionals,” said Rose Grino, Guam Nurses Association President.

Nurses in this region are ever present, ever needed. As the conference concludes today, we here at PNC would like to say thank you to all the nurses who have shown their dedication and compassion to those in need.