White, Castro take up “mutual combat” as defense in Linda’s riot trial


The riot allegedly began with an “atan baba” or dirty look.

Guam – Mutual combat is the defense Jaycee White and Alfredo Castro have taken as opening statements were made in court today in the Linda’s cafe riot case.

According to the prosecution, at the end of the hearing, the jurors will be able to decide two things, first that Liberty Concepcion was assaulted and secondly, whether they were justified.

The first witness to take the stand was Richard Ragadio. Ragadio is the third man accused in the case but unlike White and Castro, he took a plea deal.

In his testimony, he stated that an “atan baba” or dirty look from Concepcion is what started the riot outside Linda’s Coffee Shop on October 22, 2016. White, Castro and Ragadio were wrapping up the night and wanted to grab a bite to eat when they claim that Concepcion was giving them a dirty look before stating “what if I did say something” to White.

It was then that White allegedly punched Concepcion and the two began to scuffle as Ragadio and Castro looked on. Dozens of people started pouring out into the parking lot and the riot ensued.

This was the same night that Brian Cruz was found in a vehicle unconscious. Cruz was out with White, Castro and Ragadio earlier that evening when surveillance footage in Tumon captured what appeared to be White punching Cruz’s head causing him to fall to the ground. White and Castro are facing charges in a separate case for that incident.

Cruz died about a week later from his injuries.