What Distinguishes Republicans From Democrats?


Guam – The Republican Party of Guam unveiled it’s official platform this evening explaining the ideas, issues, and goals that they as a political party want to push. we sat down with party chairman mike Benito and executive director Joe Duenas to find out what it is that distinguishes the republican party from the democratic party.


The Republican party is pushing hard to get Governor Eddie Calvo and Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio re-elected along with a Republican majority and a Republican delegate to congress. But what is it that the Republican party stands for? What kind of ideals to they believe in and what goals do they have? What is their platform? “Much of it has a lot to do with economic growth,” said Republican party Chairman Mike Benito.

The Republican party believes that much of that economic growth has to do with the Guam military buildup. “On one side on the Democratic side I think you’ve been getting mixed messages on the position of the buildup on the Republican side I think we’re very firm about our support for a collaborative buildup that benefits everyone,” said Republican Party Executive Director Joe Duenas.

Republicans say they want to focus on the economy and jobs, fiscal responsibility, education, public safety, veterans issues and government efficiency. “Give me one thing that distinguishes the Republican party from the Democrat party” asked PNC. “Collaboration. Collaboration with the administration and with the administration with the legislature. I think what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna see you’re not necessarily gonna see rubber stamping of each agency I mean of each division right you’re not gonna see the legislature rubber stamping what the administration is doing or the administration rubber stamping what the legislature is doing. What you’re gonna see is a group that can work together they’ll disagree. I’ll bet your bottom dollar they will disagree on issues but it’s not gonna be a situation where we will bog down completely. There’s gonna be compromise and that’s what you’re gonna see with a Republican majority,” said Chairman Benito.

 The general election is on November 2nd if you aren’t registered to vote please register. Also, if you’d like to practice voting check out our online poll at voteguam.com.