WESTPAC: PEW – New Measures Adopted for Tuna Fishing Based on Countries Protecting Their Own Interests


Manila – The head of the PEW Environmental Gorups delegation to the Western Pacific Conference on Tuny Fisheries released the following statement on the outcome of that meeting.

Gerry Leape, Head of Pew’s Delegation to WCPFC said:

“The Pew Environment Group welcomes progress we have seen this week on tightened controls on illegal fishing and the protection of whale sharks.” 

“However, the new measure adopted for tropical tuna is entirely based upon countries choosing to protect their individual interests rather than from working together. The debate  this week was all about how much overfishing to allow, rather than how to end it.” 

“There is no doubt that this new measure will lead to further depletion of bigeye tuna. It seems inevitable that, given these management decisions, we will again sit down and discuss an overfished stock in an even worse state than today.”