Wall of Survivors on Display at Agana Shopping Center


Guam War Survivors Stories Book on Sale at Exhibit 

Guam – A special traveling exhibit containing the names of those who endured the Japanese occupation of Guam during WWII is on display on the second floor of the Agana Shopping Center.


 Senator-elect Frank Blas Jr. says the Wall of Survivors contains the names of 15,891 names of war survivors. The exhibit was put together by the Guam War Survivors memorial foundation. The foundation worked with the National Park Service to complement the wall that was recently restored up at the Asan overlook. Blas says this is just the start off point for this traveling exhibit. The exhibit was opened on December 8th which is the day that Japanese forces invaded Guam. Blas says its unfortunate that the National Defense Authorization Act which was passed just days before the anniversary of the Japanese occupation and it did not include War Reparations for Guam. “People should know what they went through Guam was the only U.S. possession and has been the only U.S. possession to be occupied by an enemy force in any war that the United States was in and our people was made to be prisoners on their own island in their homes during that period of time and we can’t forget that,” said Senator Blas


 The Wall of Survivors will be on exhibit at the Agana Shopping Center through December 14th. The Guam War Survivors stories book will also be on sale at the exhibit as well.