VIDEO: UOG Looking at Mulch as Cheaper Alternative for Green Waste


Guam- In an effort to divert Guam’s green waste stream from going to the Layon Landfill, the University of Guam Cooperative Extension Service and its partners are looking at mulch as a cheaper alternative.

UOG faculty and staff distributed mounds of mulch for $20 to $25 dollars a truckload at the old Kato Farm in Yigo over the weekend. Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator Bob Barber says mulch has so many benefits that can improve the health of plants and prevent soil erosion. He mentions they are looking at ways to sustain production of mulch so farmers and gardeners always have nutrient rich soil available at a cheaper cost.

“We’re looking at what does it cost in terms of operations, the manpower and everything else to take huge piles of green waste and convert them to nice, fine compost-like piles of mulch,” said Barber. “And that’s what we’ve been working on.”

For information on the UOG Cooperative Extension Service’s plans with mulching, call (671) 735-2080.