VIDEO: Tamuning Mayor Says De Soto’s Family Will Not Make a Statement; All Comments Referred to Attorney


Guam – Tamuning Mayor Louise Rivera says the family of Chad Ryan De Soto will not make a statement after all on the Tumon Tragedy.

De Soto is facing murder charges for the February 12 Tumon car and knife attack that left 3 tourists dead and 11 others injured. Tamuning Vice Mayor Ken Santos told PNC in February that the mother of De Soto expressed remorse for the victims. However, she asked that she and her family be left alone by the media until she was ready to make a statement.

Mayor Rivera now says after recently speaking with De Soto’s mother, the family will not make a statement and refer all comments to the attorney on De Soto’s case.

“Later on it turned out, just refer everything to the attorney, because of the case still going on,” said Rivera. “We’re not sure of what action they’re going to take on how they’re going to defend or represent their family. So we have to step away from that.”

De Soto’s attorney is Public Defender Service Corporation Executive Director Eric D. Miller.

On a separate matter, PNC also asked Rivera if anything has been done to address the legal limit being exceeded for alcoholic beverage control licensing. The villages of Tamuning, Tumon and Harmon are only allowed 99 total licenses, but 41 more establishments have been given the green light to serve liquor. Rivera mentions she attended an ABC hearing last week, but no conclusion has been reached with the licenses. She says the issue is still in discussion and she continues to do her research.

“They didn’t come to a conclusion on what they would be doing in regards to the liquor license before them,” said Rivera. “However, I was able to see the process and was able to talk to commission members in regards to that.”

Rivera was the guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Northern Guam this afternoon. She spoke about the accomplishments of her villages and the future events to bring the community together to maintain peace.