VIDEO: Pediatric Triage Disaster Drill Aims to Improve Emergency Medical Services for Children


Guam – The Emergency Medical Services for Children Program sponsored a Pediatric Triage Disaster Drill this morning [Tuesday] at the Agana Heights Gymnasium.

The Disaster Drill provided particpants an opportunity to experience a hands-on scenario of responding to an emergency and to teach nurses and EMT’s how to properly assist children who are involved in mass disasters of any type. The focus is to improve decision-making, coordination, and planning for the first responders and various agencies activated during a disaster. Some of the response activities included an earthquake drill and a scenario with an active shooter. 


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EMSC’s Program Manager Marlene Carbullido said she was pleased with the community’s support this year. “Our goal is to make sure our nurses and EMTs work together as teams to provide as much triage as possible for all those who are hurt from any kind of diasters. The focus last year was in the school setting. With this instance, it’s a community setting so we are more involved with Public Health and emergency responders,” Carbullido added. 

Participants also included volunteers from the Guam Fire Department, Department of Education, Guam Community College, Guam Memorial Hospital, Military Fire and EMS personnel, the Agana Heights Mayors Office, and Homeland Security.