VIDEO: McCreadie Proposes Life for Second Violent Conviction; DepCor Worries It Would Overwhelm DOC


Guam – Senator Brant McCreadie is proposing a “Two Strikes and You’re Out” bill for repeat, violent, criminal offenders.

Bill #107 would set a mandatory life in prison sentence for anyone convicted a second time of committing a violent or aggravated felony. And the measure would not allow for a suspended sentence or probation.

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The Senator says his “Two Strikes and You’re Out” measure is aimed at protecting the public, but the Department of Corrections says such a measure will only aggravate the already over-crowded situation at the prison.


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READ the release from Senator McCreadie below:

Senator McCreadie Introduces “Two Strikes and you’re out!” bill for violent habitual offenders

May 5, 2013

Senator Brant McCreadie on Friday, introduced Bill 107-32 which sets a mandatory life sentence for offenders who have been previously convicted of any violent or aggravated felony, not committed on the same occasion and separated by intervening arrests.  The sentence shall not be suspended nor shall the offender be eligible for probation or parole.

Affectionately known as “Two Strikes and you’re out,” Senator McCreadie said, “It is absolutely time to fight crime with punishment.”  McCreadie also believes that it is not the time for our leaders to start pointing the finger at one another.  This is the time that all branches of government must work together and closer than ever before to ensure the safety of our community and our most vulnerable members of society which are women, children, senior citizens, and disabled individuals. 

Senator McCreadie was also able to get bipartisan support.  Co-sponsoring this bill are Senators Michael San Nicolas, Dennis Rodriguez Jr., Tina Rose Muna Barnes, Anthony Ada, and Michael Limtiaco.

Senator McCreadie Introduces “Two Strikes and you’re out!” bill for violent habitual offenders