VIDEO: Island Residents Drop, Cover and Hold On in Great Guam Shakeout


Guam – Students at Agana Heights Elementary School were among the about 63,000 participants in the Third Annual Great Guam Shakeout today.

The earthquake drill was part of the world-wide shakeout held each year to increase earthquake preparedness and response. Because earthquakes can happen anytime day or night Guam Homeland Security Spokesperson Alyssa Benito says its important for people to be aware of ways to protect themselves in the event of an earthquake. 


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“Knowing what to do when you’re in those situations is what we’re trying to bring awareness about,” Benito said of the event. ‘If you’re driving pull over to the side of the road be aware of your surroundings. If you’re inside hide under a sturdy table dropping, covering and holding however long the earthquake lasts.”

Benito says the number one cause of death during an earthquake is from falling debris. For more information on earthquake preparedness go online to