VIDEO: Governor Will Re-Nominate Taitano to GEDA; Confident He’ll Have the 8 Votes He Needs Next Time


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo says he is very disappointed that the legislature did not confirm Henry Taitano as administrator of GEDA and he is currently working with his legal team on renominating him.

Taitano was short one vote for his confirmation but both the governor and Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr. say he will have the votes for confirmation the second time around.


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Governor Eddie Calvo says Henry Taitano is the best man for the job and he is currently working on renominating him as the administrator of the Guam Economic Development Authority. This is a man that worked for a company such as Honeywell and he had a promising future in this conglomerate and he loved his island and he came back to Guam,” said Governor Calvo.

Taitano did not receive the votes needed by the legislature to confirm his appointment. During session last Friday he fell just one vote short. “The good news here is there were two votes that were not present on island so I’m going to be renominating him for GEDA and I do believe there should be the necessary votes,” said Taitano.

 Those two votes belong to Republican Senators Aline Yamashita and Chris Duenas who were both off island when the vote was taken. The Governor is confident that Taitano will have enough votes once they return. In fact Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr. who chairs the committee that oversees Taitano’s appointment is also confident that they’ll have the votes needed to confirm him. “I spoke to one of the two of my colleagues who were off island during the vote and I know that they would support him and I know that we were short by one vote,” said Taitano.

 Five senators voted no. Democrats Tom Ada, Frank Aguon Jr. Michael San Nicolas, Ben Pangelinan and Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz all voted no. Senator Cruz brought up concerns regarding some business interests that Taitano held in the past. Taitano has since provided documentation showing that he is no longer involved with any of those businesses. Governor Calvo says lawmakers didn’t treat Taitano fairly. “And they besmirched the credibility of a man that has been following his dreams and he is what I consider the epitome of the Guamanian dream and we need people with that kind of caliber in this government at GEDA,” said Governor Calvo adding, “A young man who comes back to his home yeah he has some old friends from high school and college and he decides to open up a restaurant. And of course the restaurant closes down it closed down maybe a decade ago but because there’s one document that for some reason they think that this guys been covering things up there’s a saying before you take the splinter out of my eye take the log out of yours and I’m hopeful that they can treat Mr. Taitano with respect once everything is clarified and accord him the opportunity to explain whatever those issues are,” said Governor Calvo.

 Although he wouldn’t explain in detail, the Governor believes there were political motivations behind Taitano’s failed confirmation. If renominated, Taitano will have to go through the entire process all over again. Senator Rodriguez says that he’ll schedule a public hearing within five days of his renomination and then push to get it on the next session’s agenda.