VIDEO: Fans Recognize Perez as Ultimate Raiders Fan


Guam – Professional Football Ultimate Fan Association recently recognized Ray Onedera Perez, Jr. as the Ultimate Oakland Raiders fan a.k.a. Dr. Death.

Perez is half Mexican half Chamorro and was born and raised in California but every summer since the age of 5 his Chamorro grandparents would bring him home to Guam.  It’s his upbringing in the Chamorro culture that he attributes his recognition into the “Hall of Fame” of fans.

VIDEO: Fans Recognize Perez As Ultimate Raiders Fan

Uploaded by pncnews on 2014-08-12.


The Chamorro spirit of giving and inviting, along with his Roman Catholic upbringing, has molded Perez into a person who is active in numerous community outreach programs using his Dr. Death persona to help the cause.

Perez adopted the name “Dr. Death” after Oakland Raiders cornerback Alonzo “Skip” Thomas who was called “Dr. Death”.