VIDEO: Elaine Babauta’s SweetStacks Brings Gourmet Pancakes & Families Together


Guam- Former Guam Resident Elaine Babauta has returned home after 11 years to reunite with her loved ones and try to make a special product, inspired by family, available to island residents.

Babauta has found success in creating gourmet pancakes that are packaged and marketed in the U.S. mainland since 2008.

Her business, SweetStacks, is based on a family pancake recipe that was passed down from her mother. The recipe already won 1st place for a Celebrity Food Show and has been a hit with stateside customers as far as New York and Florida.

Babauta tells PNC her family comes from a rich history of cooks and a passion for food. In fact, she mentions her Uncle Jimmy Camacho was a chef for President Eisenhower. She says cooking good food and having a close-knit family led her to preserve their pancake recipe so it can be shared with others.


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Babauta also says their gourmet pancakes usually do not need syrup because sweetness is already infused in the mixture.

“That’s how good they are,” said Babauta. “They’re not rubbery. They’re dense, as well as moist, and just sweet. It’s a really good pancake.”

She hopes to distribute SweetStacks on Guam in the near future.

“What’s the key thing is eating with family,” said Babauta. “That’s something that I really wanted more. That comes from the heart. My family is really close knit. Even though we don’t live so close, we’re really still close knit and enjoy to eat. And not just my immediate family, all my cousins, all my aunts and uncles that are either here or the United States [mainland]. So it’s about family and eating good food. I can say I think we have an excellent product and we’re just proud to share it.”

Babauta was born and raised on Guam and is from the village of Agana Heights. She also graduated from Academy and works full time as a successful software consultant in San Diego, California.

Free samples of her pancakes can be ordered online. For more information, log on to .