VIDEO: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Team Reaches Out to Guam Students On Bird Conservation Efforts


Guam- A Vet and Wildlife Preservation Team from Disney’s Animal Kingdom is here on Guam and is making a special outreach presentation for the island’s young people today [Tuesday].

The event is sponsored by the Hyatt Regency and Dr. Shieh’s Clinic. Students from 3rd to 8th grade were invited to attend a presentation that centered on Disney’s work in this region.

Department of Agriculture Wildlife Biologist Cheryl Calaustro Stanford tells PNC the Disney team has partnered with them on bird conservation and education in the Marianas for many years. Students also will see some of Guam’s endangered birds, such as the Ko’ko’ bird.


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“There are 17 zoos on the mainland that help us with our captive breeding programs,” said Stanford. “Disney Animal Kingdom is one of those organizations that help us. They also provide us with medical care. They come and check our birds almost every year and like I said, it’s just a really good opportunity for everyone in the world to see what’s going on on Guam and how others can help.”

The event takes place from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.. The presentation at the Hyatt was paid entirely by Dr. Shieh. Admission is free.