VIDEO: CNMI Report – Addressing Status of Long Alien Workers Key to Stabilizing CNMI Workforce


Guam – An independent analysis of the federalization law published in the Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal described the CNMI situation “a lesser-known immigration crisis” that could be resolved by having the U.S. Congress pass additional legislation granting permanent resident status to long-term guest workers on the islands.

Robert J. Misulich, a J.D. candidate at the University of Washington, said that federalization of immigration law in the CNMI is incomplete without a provision to normalize the status of long-term guest workers.

“Subjecting thousands of legal workers to deportation, through no fault of their own, is flatly unjust,” Misulich said in his article, A Lesser-Known Immigration Crisis: Federal Immigration Law in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

Rabby Syed, president of the United Workers Movement-NMI, said yesterday that Misulich’s legal research is yet another validation of their long-held belief that addressing foreign workers’ immigration status is key to stabilizing the workforce, among other things.

Syed said UWM is “optimistic” that President Barack Obama and Congress will do something to help the plight of long-term alien workers in the CNMI.

He said the group will be sending an official letter to Obama by the end of this month, asking him to use his administrative power to grant parole-in-place for long-term foreign workers to allow them to legally remain in the CNMI until legislative relief is in place.