VIDEO: Capping of Ordot Dump About to Begin


Guam – The long awaited process of formally closing the Ordot dump is beginning this month.

Its the culmination of a process that began in August of 2002 when the U.S. EPA filed a lawsuit against GovGuam over violations of the Clean Water Act. The goal of that lawsuit was to stop the pollution of the Longfit river and clean up the mess left behind at the dump.

GBB’s Project Engineer, Chris Lund, gave an over-view of the project to a meeting of the Society of  American Military Engineers [SAME] last week.

The Ordot dump stopped accepting waste more than 2 years ago, on September 1st 2011.

But it wasn’t until last November that the Federal Receiver, GBB formally awarded Black Construction the contract to cap and seal the dump site. They’ve budgeted $49-million dollars to do the job.

GBB’s Lund  said the process will involve placing a cover over the dump, building a system to collect and carry off the leachate, which is that polluted liquid run-off from the dump that has been polluting the Longfit River, as well as constructing a gas collection system that will burn off the methane gas leaking into the atmosphere.

It should be completed by November of 2015, but then there will be a 30 year monitoring period, required by law, to ensure that the environmental damage has stopped.