VIDEO: AG’s Office Launches Family Violence Registry Website


Guam – The Attorney General’s Office has officially launched its Family Violence Registry Website.

The reigstry can be found on the Attorney General’s website HERE

The Family Violence Registry will list all those who are repeat offenders of family violence or domestic violence. It will include level one offenders, or anyone who’s been convicted of 2 misdemeanor violence charges. It will also include level 2 offenders, or those who have been convicted once but with aggravating factors such as use of a deadly weapon or criminal sexual conduct.

Senator Dennis Rodriguez authored the law that required the registry. It was enacted in 2011 but, unlike the sex offender registry, is not retroactive, so it only applies to cases after the law was passed.

VIDEO: AG’s Office Launches Family Violence Registry Website

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“That way it gives the public the ability to make informed deciisons about the people that they are associated with people they are meeting for the first time. And in the past we’ve talked about it being used by parents to see who this person is that is starting to date their daughters and so forth,” explains Attorney General Lenny Rapadas.

Founder of the National Domestic Violence Registry Myra Spearman joined this morning’s press conference via telephone and said Guam has the distinction of being the first jurisdiction to enact such laws.

Texas and California have recently passed similar laws and New York, New Jersey, Kentucky and Tennessee are in the process of passing theirs.

“Every month or every couple months we get calls from new legislators that are wanting more information. What we’re realizing right now is that domestic violence is at an all time high. It’s essentially a pandemic,” she points out.

The Family Violence Registry can be found on the Attorney General’s website at The link is on the menu to the left of the website.

So far there are 13 people listed on the registry.