UOG fires Ehlert after being found guilty of sex abuse


Ehlert was charged with third degree criminal sexual conduct.

Guam – A few days following a guilty verdict of third degree criminal sexual conduct, Michael Ehlert has officially been terminated from his position as Associate Professor at the University of Guam.

According to UOG President Robert Underwood, the decision to terminate the man prosecutors painted as “a dirty white professor” was made a few days ago.

In an interview with PNC, Underwood explained that the decision was not made hastily. Rather, the university took the necessary steps to terminate the convicted sexual offender.

“Just because he was convicted by a jury…we had to follow some internal processes, so it wasn’t like, ‘Wow we heard the verdict, he’s gone!’ It doesn’t work that way. We had to make sure we followed procedures and that it was legally secure,” he said.

Ehlert was charged with third degree criminal sexual conduct as well as second and third counts of attempted criminal sexual conduct. Several former students of Ehlert testified against him.

“In this particular instance, we admire the courage of the women involved,” expressed Underwood.

He added: “We always have encouraged people to come forward. In consequence in this case and in examining how universities behaved in this era, we have tightened our policies and we have additional attention to it. We know that we’re requiring everyone to go through training –both new employees and new students. This is done on a yearly basis.”

And moving forward, Underwood says he hopes the university’s new policy will help encourage individuals to speak up about assault.

“We now have in place a policy which is different than in the past which is to require the responsible persons to report to the EEO as well as to anyone else [the victim] would like to report to,” he said.