Sex abuse victims says priest forced boys to undress and take turns sitting on his lap

Archdiocese of Agana (PNC file photo)

There are over 130 sex abuse lawsuit filed against the church so far.

Guam – The latest sex abuse lawsuit filed against the Archdiocese of Agana describes some of the routine practices of the alleged pedophiles against the victims.

The latest lawsuit comes from B.F. who names two individuals, Father Louis Brouillard and Boy Scout Leader Edward Pereira. B.F. says that he was not a member of the Boy Scouts or officially an altar server but often participated in their events and outings.

The sexual abuse began in the mid 1960s when B.F. was 10 years old. At the church rectory, B.F. alleges that Brouillard would instruct B.F. and his friends to take turns sitting on his lap with both priest and minors fully naked. According to the complaint, Brouillard would fondle the victims and force them to perform the same to him.

The victims says Pereira also sexually abused him by groping his private parts outside of his clothing.

B.F. is seeking $10 million in damages.