Senator Guthertz Suggests Guam as a Refuge for Fleeing Iraqis


Guam – Senator Judi Guthertz wants Guam to be a refuge for Iraqis who feel unsafe in their country after aiding the U.S.


 The senator says now that American forces are set to leave Iraq by the end of the year, Iraqi interpreters, embassy workers and sub-contractors are under threat of assassination. The senator points out that Guam has historically been used as a sort of staging area for refugees fleeing to the U.S. For example, President Ford brought thousands of refugees from Vietnam to Guam in what was called “Operation New Life.” Also in 1996 6,000 Kurdish refugees from Iraq were evacuated to Guam before moving on to the U.S. mainland. “This is a humanitarian initiative and almost all of those who come through Guam go to the U.S. mainland they don’t really stay hear they want to go on to the U.S. mainland but we’re sort of a temporary place for them to be while they’re processed into the United States,” said Senator Guthertz. The Senator will be sending a letter to Governor Eddie Calvo asking him to tell the Department of State and Department of Defense that Guam can host refugees from Iraq.