Senator Guthertz Prays Signing of PA Will Be Good For Guam


Guam – Guam Military Buildup Committee Chairperson Judi Guthertz says that without seeing the document that State Historic Preservation Officer Lynda Aguon has signed off on, she can only be “prayerful” that it is in Guam’s best interest.

A letter sent to Senator Guthertz and other members of the 31st Guam legislature Wednesday afternoon by Aguon confirmed that she had signed the document after months of negotiation.  

The Programmatic Agreement, which controls how historic remains and artifacts that turn up during the buildup will be handled, clears the way for much of the construction covered by previously negotiated contracts, to proceed.  

Aguon  said  she  worked  with  Governor  Calvo  legal  counsel  Arthur  Clark  to produce “an acceptable document,” but that he had not dictated what should go into it.  

“His persistence produced provisions in this final document that DoD officials once rejected in prior negotiations,” Aguon wrote. “I am reminded of Senator Pangelinan’s  comments  during  the  oversight  hearing  that  the  Programmatic Agreement must not be signed under duress, it was not [sic].”

“Although I have yet to review the final agreement, I am confident in Ms. Aguon’s stewardship of the Guam Historic Preservation Office,” Senator
Guthertz said. “I trust that she will do right by the people of Guam and was judicious in her deliberations prior to signing off on the programmatic