VIDEO: Round 2 for Unclaimed Tax Refunds; List of Last Names Starting With Letters G-O Released; SEE IT HERE


Guam – Round two of the Calvo Administration’s efforts to disburse the unclaimed tax refund checks gets underway Monday.

This past week,  checks made out to those with last names beginning with the letters A to F were available for their rightful owners.

This coming week its the unclaimed checks with names that begin with the letters G through O.

The list is published in the Governor’s newsletter, the Proa which can be seen HERE.

The Department of Administration (DOA) once again is preparing  the next batch of checks for release to those who have the required proof of identity.

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Claimants have to go to the Treasury of Guam’s Office at DOA and fill out an affidavit, authorize DOA to re-issue the refund check to them.

This past week, only 300 checks were processed, says Accounting Technician Supervisor John Aguon.

“We didn’t encounter any problems with the line,” said Aguon. “It went so smooth because we had all the work stations pretty much set up. Everybody here is helping to get this going pretty smoothly.”

Aguon reminds people that after their affidavits are submitted, the Division of Accounts has 7 working days to process and mail out their tax returns. 3 lists were created for more than 6,000 unclaimed refund checks worth $19 million dollars. Some of the checks date back to 2009.

The second batch of checks can be claimed starting Monday, May 6, through Friday May 10.

And then the following week, the final list will be for checks made out to persons whose last name’s begin with the letters P through Z. Those checks can be claimed from May 13-17.

If you missed claiming a check during your assigned assigned week, you can still go to the Division of Accounts for help. Aguon says no one will be turned away.

Separately, Guam Treasurer Rose Fejeran says her office has been getting a lot of calls from individuals about the $20 million in 2012 tax refunds that were mailed out on Wednesday. She advises people to be patient with the post office.

“We have to give it a time,” said Fejeran. “Keep checking. That’s the only thing we we can tell them is keep checking cause it’s a lot of checks that went out. Give them time to actually work on it.”

Nearly 7,000 refund checks are in the mail now to cover those who filed their 2012 tax returned between February 13 and the 22nd of this year.