Package found over weekend by DOC


DOC has been conducting shakedowns on a daily basis.

Guam – A package thrown over the Department of Corrections fence on Sunday contained a crystal like substance, cigarettes, lighters and a pipe.

Despite the Department of Corrections efforts to crack down on contraband entering the prison facility through daily shakedowns, stricter visitor policies and increased interdiction resources, attempts to smuggle prohibited items continue.

According to Deputy Director Kate Baltazar, DOC officers discovered another package that was thrown over the fence on Sunday. The package was found behind Post 25 dome housing unit and contained lighters, a pack of cigarettes, chewing tobacco and a pipe.

Baltazar adds, “there was a crystal like substance found I am not sure if that has been tested yet so I am not sure if it was actually crystal methamphetamine I cant confirm that.”

Baltazar says that the Department is noticing that the amount of contraband intercepted is decreasing which is a clear indication that although attempts continue DOC’s efforts are paying off.

According to Director Tony Lamorena, they are hoping to install three more cameras at the facility to help with their interdiction efforts.