NDAA Shows Congress’ Commitment to Military Buildup


Guam – The 2013 National Defense Authorization Act is now waiting for President Obama’s review and signature, after getting final approval from the U.S. Senate over the weekend.

Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo Celebrated the news in a Press Release on Saturday saying the bill helps to loosen restrictions relating to the spending for the Guam Military Buildup.  In the release Bordallo is quoted saying “This bill sends a strong message to our allies that the United States is committed to the Asia-Pacific Rebalance.”

The Legislature’s Buildup Committee Chair, Senator Judi Guthertz also says there are a lot of good things in the bill for Guam.

“Whats significant about this round for 2013 is that it will allow for some of the money from Japan to be spent to help fund some of these projects that are coming up for next year which starts January 1st,” Guthertz told PNC. “So i think the Naval Facilities Command on Guam is gonna be very busy developing the specs and putting out the bids for these projects.”

While the NDAA does not include funding for infrastructure projects on Guam, Senator Guthertz is confident that that will come over the next couple of years as the Environmental Impact Study and other reports are completed.