Maternity Ward Upgrades to be Discussed During Session Tuesday


Session @ 9am Tuesday

Guam – Speaker Judi Won Pat has called session for 9am tomorrow morning.



 One of the bills that should garner a lot of attention is Bill 393 which would fund the renovation of the maternity ward of the Guam Memorial Hospital. The measure which was introduced by Speaker Won Pat will allow GovGuam to borrow up to $7 million dollars to get the maternity ward up to standards. The $7 million would cover the cost of phase one and two of the three phase project. Proponents of the bill say they will work with the Governor’s office to find the funding needed for phase three of the maternity ward upgrades. “Right now mothers are burdened to have to be moved sometimes even up to five times in a given time that they’re there so it becomes cumbersome of course and very difficult for mothers and their staff,” said Won Pat. The legislative Speaker says that unpledged business privilege taxes would be used to pay back the money borrowed for the maternity ward.