Marines Object to Use of Their Pictures in For-Profit Bingo Ad


Guam – Marine Corps Spokeswoman Lt. Col. Aisha Bakkar is calling the use of  Marine Corps members in an advertisement promoting the for-profit Bingo initiative “completely inappropriate” and “completely unauthorized.”


The advertisement appears on page 10 of the PDN today. A similar ad appeared in Monday’s PDN. 

The ad features pictures of Marines with Guam-Japan Friendship Village investor Takami Hisamoto. The pictures were taken during one of the Toys for Tots campaigns. Guam-Japan Friendship Village made some donations to Toys for Tots.

Hwoever, Lt. Col. Bakkar told PNC News that Guam-Japan Friendship Village was not authorized to use the photos of  the Marines in their pro bingo campaign, they did not ask for permission and they would not have received permission, even if they had.

The Marines in the photos are stationed here on Guam.

Lt. Col. Bakkar also said that they contacted the legal office of Joint Region Marianas and they are looking into the possibility of issuing a cease and desist order, but, Bakkar said, the damage has already been done. However, she said the Marines would still like to discourage other organizations from using images of Marines in their political campaigns in the future.