It looks like public school students will be not be taking the Stanford Achievement Test 10 this year. They'll be taking the ACT Aspire assessment instead. The Department of Education has been using SAT 10 to measure the progress of students for over 10 years now.
After touring Simon Sanchez High School yesterday and finding out what the school's major problems are, Department of Public Works Director Glenn Leon Guerrero says his department has done their part and now it's up to Department of Education to move forward with the Request for Proposal.

Police Arrest Man Wanted in Stabbing of Woman

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Police arrest Rambo Ezra in connection with a stabbing incident.
Over the weekend, a boy at a daycare center was shot on his chest with a pellet gun by another boy.
GPD Officer Siegfried "Dove" Mortera passed away over the weekend after spending several days in critical condition at Naval Hospital.
It's been almost two years since Simon Sanchez High School students voiced their concerns to the Department of Education about the horrible conditions in their school and as of yet, the Request for Proposal to fix their school is still not complete.    
Klitzkie Says Two FOIA Complaints Against Legislature Were Never Resolved 

Bail for Rape Suspect Who Eluded Police Set at $500,000

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James Corpuz is accused of raping two female minors. One of the victims became pregnant.
A purse was stolen from a pregnant woman at GPO over the weekend, but thanks to the bravery of a group of basketball players a suspect was arrested and the purse was recovered.    
Tekken Net Can Be Placed on Green Waste Piles and On Coconut Trees