Janela Carrera

About 5,300 checks are going out in the mail.
Police say the parent was intoxicated at the time he allegedly made the threats.
Governor Calvo appointed Castro to serve as the point-of-contact for the US Coral Reef Task Force in 2015 but he continued to serve the position even after he was elected into office.
The pilot received minor injuries from the incident.
Two new lawsuits were filed Wednesday but Attorney David Lujan says he plans to file two more by Monday.
Executive Director Michael Caspino emphasizes that he has no decision-making role in the program which is a concern raised by Attorney David Lujan.
"Jesus Christ, he represents the church. We might as well deal with Archbishop Byrnes."  -- Attorney David Lujan
With the THAAD in place, Homeland Security Adviser George Charfauros says a direct hit from North Korea is highly unlikely.
The man is now under the care of the Public Guardian Marcelene Santos.
Walter Denton met with Cardinal Raymond Burke and two others to provide his testimony.