Janela Carrera

All services covered by Medicaid and MIP will once again be covered at GRMC.
The 67-year-old man denied the allegations.
Dr. Espinola says the vehicle may have never struck the victim but rather that the victim may have tried to dodge the car as it was coming toward him.
GIAA legal counsel Atty. Jay Trickett alleges that DFS is deliberately trying to delay the trial to cover up their own "wrongdoings."
Frances Quinata was convicted of airline ticket fraud.
Out of the 15 lawsuits filed against the catholic church for sexual abuse, six have been filed in the District Court of Guam.
Although the church's legal counsel says the lawsuit is a protective measure, they do have reason to believe that the RMS may attempt to claim interest or ownership in the property.
The governor was the guest speaker at today's Guam Chamber of Commerce general membership meeting.
A fence was seen being placed at the main entrance to the Gun Beach area.
For all three institutions, a combined total of $13.1 million is still owed by the Department of Administration in FY16 allotments.