Janela Carrera

The local businessman has been serving as GFA president since 2001 and accepted bribes from an official who was running for FIFA president.
Thursday, 27 April 2017 18:05

Governor defends Senator Castro's dual role

Senator Wil Castro was appointed in 2015 while a cabinet official for Governor Calvo. He maintained the appointment after he was elected senator.
The executive order would give Guam and the Marianas more flexibility on deciding how the federal designation would affect the territories.
The man allegedly ordered his wife to choose for him whom of his two children he should kill.
Contrary to some critics, Department of Labor's Greg Massey says Guam does have a strong core construction workforce.
The Board of Incorporators will oversee the administrative work of Hope and Healing Inc.
The 8-year-old girl's aunt found her niece at the back of the restaurant with her pants pulled down to her thighs.
Attorney David Lujan said he would let Attorney Michael Caspino know this week if he agrees with Alicia Limtiaco's nomination to the Hope and Healing Guam board.
The plaintiffs will have have three weeks to file diversity jurisdiction.
Alicia Limtiaco is the former US Attorney for Guam and was also a former Guam Attorney General.