Donna De Jesus

Pesch hopes to work with the Guam Legislature in the future to draft laws that will accommodate these complicated issues.
All matters will be finalized at Michael Ehlert's pre-trial conference in June.
This week is National Nurses Week, and the Guam Nurses Association has plans for the newly-proclaimed Nurses Month.
60-year-old Max Myong Ahn busted for selling the drug “spice” in his shops was sentenced in Federal Court.
It turns out the assault on a DOC officer last week started with an argument between two inmates.
Monday, 08 May 2017 18:05

Guam's tourism pioneer passes away

Tributes pouring out for the late Bert Unpingco, fondly called Mr. Tourism, whose death has been confirmed by family members.
The Guam Micronesia Island Fair is the island’s biggest celebration of our region’s art and culture.
In a few weeks’ time, the CNMI will be able to enjoy the same telecommunications services that DoCoMo Pacific offers on Guam.
Guam may start to see a decline in the Chinese market after two airlines decided to discontinue their flight services to and from the island in recent months.
A corrections officer was assaulted yesterday. The alleged assailant? The brother of Justin Meno.