Donna De Jesus

The Guam Micronesia Island Fair is the island’s biggest celebration of our region’s art and culture.
In a few weeks’ time, the CNMI will be able to enjoy the same telecommunications services that DoCoMo Pacific offers on Guam.
Guam may start to see a decline in the Chinese market after two airlines decided to discontinue their flight services to and from the island in recent months.
A corrections officer was assaulted yesterday. The alleged assailant? The brother of Justin Meno.
29-year-old Cramer Chennaux, who got busted for dealing drugs out of a hotel room last year, was sentenced in Federal Court.
Kaycee Kasal and Dion Oneichy have been accused of trying to carjack a late-night game room patron.
The SEA-US trans-pacific cable will connect Palau, Yap, and FSM to Guam and the U.S.
More charges against the Archdiocese, Boy Scouts, and former priest, Louis Brouillard.
Today’s Naturalization Ceremony was one of the best ways to celebrate this year’s 14th Amendment theme that addresses citizenship rights.
GMIF will run from May 3 to May 7 at the Chamorro Village.