Rebecca Elmore

A fight broke out during a basketball game between St. Paul Christian Warriors and George Washington High School Geckos. 
Senator Joe S. San Agustin proposes that the lucrative RFP does not exceed $100 million. 
The new RFP for the renovation of Simon Sanchez High School was just released a few weeks ago, but already a protest has been filed. In an exclusive interview, Core Tech Attorney Joyce Tang, sat down with PNC to discuss their difficult decision to file another protest.
Guam Education Board Chairman Peter Alecxis Ada met with their legal counsel today; says the board strongly supports reinstating the ousted superintendent.
It was a combination of a choke hold and a heart attack that led to a 51 year old man's death at the hands of another says Medical Examiner Dr. Aurelio Espinola, who ruled Robert Borja Cruz’s death a homicide. 
**UPDATE: GPD has since reclassified this investigation from "an injured person" to a "death investigation."  The Southern Precinct Command responds to "injured person" call; finds 51 year old man unconscious. 
     Over 20 businesses were represented during this year’s job fair hosted by the Guam Chamber of Commerce.  
What's going on behind GEB's closed-door meetings? Sources claim the Guam Education Board reconvened last night to discuss the reinstatement of Superintendent Jon Fernandez. 
UOG Professor Ross Miller: All spiders are poisonous. That's how they live. It’s just that most spiders are not aggressive, but they will bite. 
Deputy Director of DOC, Kate Baltazar: “We will weed out the ones who choose to break the law.”