Rebecca Elmore

While it's no secret that the Guam Education board is going to discuss the potential reinstatement of Superintendent Jon Fernandez at tomorrow's closed door meeting, most board members remain mum on the mysterious document containing as much as six reported stipulations to bring Jon back. 
Wednesday, 15 February 2017 18:06

Adelup shares positive economic outlook for FY18

Despite glaring education fiscal shortfalls in the past, the third round of Adelup's Fiscal transparency discussions reported a positive economic outlook for Guam in FY18.
"When we go through everything in here, my biggest question is what're you doing? What are you really gonna do with the money?," quipped Senator Joe San Agustin in regards to GDOE's FY18 budget proposal. 
"If I didn't say anything, they would've just swept it under the rug,” said Gary Guile, the parent who alleges his 5-year-old autistic son was abused by his Price Elementary School teacher. 
Over 1,000 island residents were polled by Simon Sanchez students to determine their stance on recreational Marijuana. The results indicate that a sample of Guam's population may not yet be ready for the recreational drug.
Internal investigations at GDOE reveal the allegations of child abuse were unsubstantiated, according to GDOE Acting Superintendent Joe Sanchez and Deputy Administrator Chris Anderson. 
Three internal investigations within GDOE found there were no facts to substantiate the allegations made by the parent of the Head Start student, says Chris Anderson, GDOE Administrator of Student Support Services.  
After a month at sea, sailors aboard the USS Carl Vinson Strike Group were greeted to a warm “Hafa Adai” welcome at the US Guam Naval Base.
The Guam Education Board announced the progress of the GFT union agreement. The contract will be finalized pending an official GEB vote. 
The B.P. Carbullido bus driver accused of driving while drunk resigned today, according to Frank Taitano, the Transportation Superintendent from the Department of Public Works.