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Water outages in the area have prompted an early release for the Southern High School 
The measure was just one vote shy of the ten needed for an override of the governor's veto of Bill 4.
Senator Michael San Nicolas barred the governor’s bill in an effort to conform with the Standing Rules of the legislature.
 “Såtban Litekyan stands united in our efforts to save the sacred lands that have been in federal hands for decades." -Prutehi Litekyan 
The Guam Historical Society announced that this year's theme is “Strength in Unity.”
“Yesterday's news was quite a shock to me, here's a groundbreaking, they had the plans out there --we haven't even seen the plans," said Linda Aguon, Guam's State Historic Preservation Officer. 
"I relayed to her our community’s concerns and urged her to further communicate with our community about the potential impacts of this exercise," said Congresswoman Bordallo to US Navy Rear Admiral Shoshana Chatfield. 
At least three lawmakers have been questioned for their ethical conduct. 
Features of the park include a burial vault and an inscription in English and Chamorro.
Monday, 24 April 2017 23:34

Jose Rios Middle School closed today

School will be closed today due to no power in the area.