Rebecca Elmore

The expenditure is still under review from the Department of Education's Internal Audit Office. 
The new identification process is called "Real ID" and effective May 2, the Department of Revenue and Taxation says applying for a Guam ID or driver's license might look a little different. 
"$60,000 was the max for the fiscal year and with everything that's been going on with the financial conditions that we're facing with the department, we want to make sure that anything that the board is dealing with that we ensure funding for it," Mark Mendiola explained. 
"Core Tech has no choice but to appeal DPW’s decision. DPW’s actions have caused further delays and would cost the people of Guam tens of millions of dollars for services the Legislature did not authorize." 
The $100M RFP to renovate Simon Sanchez High school could move forward tomorrow. It all depends on the next move of CoreTech International. 
"Basta y Basula" is the moniker for the new task force sanctioned by Governor Eddie Calvo to clean up our island and combat illegal dumping. 
Wednesday, 15 March 2017 18:01

Lawmakers honor Women's History Month

Female senators and Education Chairman Senator Joe San Agustin presented influential women's organizations with a proclamation in honor of Women's History Month. 
Wednesday, 15 March 2017 18:04

GTA grants Make-A-Wish recipient's wishes

Dylan Leon Guerro is now the owner of a brand new Samsung Galaxy 7. Part of his wish included a shopping spree, a new phone, accessories, and a year's worth of wireless service.
Help a local non-profit while receiving a bin full of goods --for free. Deacon Frank Tenorio is asking the community to stop by Kamalen Karidat Thrift Store and help yourself to a bin full of free stuff before they close.  
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