Rebecca Elmore

The Guam Education Board member, Mark Mendiola took to social media to vent his frustration about littering at Gun Beach. In response, EPA addresses concerns. 
DPW Director Glenn Leon Guerrero and Acting Superintendent Joe Sanchez admit they were unaware of drunk bus driver allegations until media reported it. 
A total of 21 students disciplined for rioting and/or intoxication at FB Leon Guerrero and Benavente Middle School. 
Fresh off an international flight, Congresswoman Bordallo took her oath-of-office at the Latte of Freedom.
Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit dispatched and surrounding buildings have been evacuated. 
Aline Yamashita, educator and mother of autistic child, offers her recommendations to GDOE moving forward. 
The 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit will participate in the Realistic Urban Training Exercise. 
Guam Human Trafficking Task Force recognized with resolution and proclamation signing. 
Ely Mesa says he was demoted from a position at Tiyan that Acting Superintendent Joe Sanchez says he never had in the first place. 
The Director of Public Works offers suggestions, but also adds that he is open to other suggestions made by lawmakers.