Rebecca Elmore

“How I feel personally? Is that we’re in the middle between the Administration and the Legislature; we’re like a bouncing ball,” quipped GEB member Maria Gutierrez.
“We didn’t see any exposed asbestos, we just saw some deterioration in the sealant,” - Superintendent Jon Fernandez
“We have to move quickly,” –Education Board Chairman Peter Alecxis Ada 
Wednesday, 07 June 2017 18:01

GDOE Summer School Programs announced

The program begins Monday, June 12. 
 "They are overstepping their bounds and authority and in this particular case, they are mocking the rule of law," - Sen. Aguon. 
Okkodo’s graduating class of 2017 not only set a record at GDOE, but for their campus as well.  
"Southern high is the school with a pool –an Olympic sized pool that’s never been addressed,” –Superintendent Jon Fernandez   
“It is tempting to say that we’re trying to make up for the obvious reality that the Department of Administration did not give us our full allotments for 2016 --and the outlook doesn’t look any better for 2017,” – UOG President Robert Underwood. 
“Either the elevator is safe to be operated or it isn’t” - Leevin Camacho, Attorney of Thomas O'Connor  
On top of the damning allegations listed against Mr. O’Connor, the inspector is also accused of charging an additional $50 per business off the top of his regular fee.