Rebecca Elmore

In his opposition, McNinch provides four supplemental exhibits detailing his alleged harassment and retaliation.
About $1.1 million of those funds will go directly towards critical repairs at the Yigo campus. 
Guests can enjoy "Kalsada" or Filipino street food and authentic Filipino cuisine. 
About 400 support staff and personnel are expected to attend over 25 workshops to address a variety of challenges plaguing our students.
Reyva Zacharias Cruz admitted that the injury was self-inflicted and that she had falsified the kidnapping.
 Dr. Arrelio Espinola notes that victim’s injuries indicate that he was speeding.
The meals will come at no additional cost and irrespective of each family's income. 
"Out of 90, about 36 students showed up," - Assistant Principal Gaylene Cruz from Untalan Middle School. 
According to the Superintendent, the money would be used for short term repairs desperately needed at GDOE. 
O'Connor's Attorney, Leevin Camacho contends that DPW has refused to issue elevator permits in a timely manner.