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Multiple fights occurred during different times of the school day. 
“Core Tech International still has three years (from the date it was signed) to complete the project and they're not behind based on our understanding of the lease agreement,” – Deputy Superintendent Chris Anderson.
“I have faith in the process, and in the end I feel that I'll be vindicated. But at this point, I have no comment,” Espaldon said.
“We have to remind ourselves that the procurement process is still ongoing," DPW's Deputy Director Felix Benavente 
The sweep consisted of a three hour long search starting with a one hour lock down at 8:30 this morning.
“DOE asked that construction pause pending the possibility of …a large parking area to services the HQ’s.” – GDOE Deputy Superintendent Chris Anderson. 
Monday, 22 May 2017 18:02

Congratulations UOG Tritons !

University of Guam confers 325 degrees for spring commencement.  
“At some point, everyone will be faced with a difficult choice – to help someone in danger or to look the other way and simply hope for the best,” said Sen. Biscoe Lee during the presentation.
Speaker BJ Cruz is alleging Core Tech International’s “clear failure to complete construction” for GDOE breaches their contract with the government of Guam.
When the all-clear was given, a total of five pounds of explosives were detonated on sandy ocean floor, causing barely a ripple on the water's surface.