Rebecca Elmore

“Overall, our search has been suspended just due to the lack of evidence showing that she’s down there. It's a big area, we’ve covered along with the family, GPD, Search Dogs Guam, Mr. Burkhart --we've scoured that area, we’ve covered just a lot of it,” GFD Spokesperson Kevin Reily said.
"I'm not backing away from this bill, we're gonna move forward with it. And wherever it ends, it ends,” San Agustin declared.
Superintendent Jon Fernandez shares his top six agenda items with the Guam Education Board. 
"I will push for an override only when all 10 who supported the legislation initially are present. I need to also stress that being in attendance is one of our primary responsibility," - Senator Frank Aguon Jr. 
Gumataotao says he can't help but feel that the board is being a little disingenuous, especially since his contract says he was supposed to have received the announcment from GDOE procurement --not the board's Finance Chairman Mark Mendiola.
It turns out, marijuana was discovered on campus, but not on a student.
Superintendent Jon Fernandez will attend the Guam Education Board meeting for the first time in over seven months since he was placed on administrative leave.
Senator Tom Ada introduced Bill 52 yesterday and Bill 53 today regarding the prioritization of the Chamorro Land Trust property for residential and agricultural use.
“Kontra I Peligru is the full-scale, multi-agency exercise with the Guam National Guard. It's going to be happening tomorrow March 28th -29th," - Jenna Gaminde, PIO for Guam Homeland Security and Civil Defense. 
Last Friday, Fernandez's legal counsel provided six exhibits to support their case.