Thursday, 18 May 2017

Speaker Cruz demands Core Tech foot the bill for Simon Sanchez renovation

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Speaker BJ Cruz is alleging Core Tech International’s “clear failure to complete construction” for GDOE breaches their contract with the government of Guam.

Guam - “Don’t pay for what GDOE can’t use.” That from Speaker BJ Cruz who’s alleging Core Tech International’s “clear failure to complete construction” for GDOE breaches their contract with the government of Guam.

In 2014, Governor Eddie Calvo signed the Amended and Restated Lease Purchase Agreement between CTI and GovGuam for the construction of GDOE facilities and warehouses. But since then, the results Cruz says are incomplete facilities and construction work.

In an interview with PNC, Speaker Cruz explained, “We’re owed a considerable amount of money, that’s because we’re not in the buildings that we’re paying for. We’re not in Building B, we’re not in the ‘palace’ (GDOE Main Facility), we’re not in the warehouses…how are we gonna get reimbursed for that?”

The Committee on Appropriations Chair is also contending the $2.8 million price tag that’s being spent on an unused GDOE facility.

“I told them ‘that’s unacceptable.’ We paid $10.1 million at the beginning of the year for the use of this $2 million facility that we can’t get occupancy for,” he quipped.

This, Speaker Cruz says has left the people of Guam “stuck footing the bill for facilities that have yet to be completed.”

Cruz is now calling on Governor Calvo to re-negotiate GDOE’s multi-million dollar lease.

“I just think that we should be paid back, or get some money back for not having use of it,” he said.

To save taxpayers money, the Appropriations Chairman proposes a few options to CTI: either credit GovGuam’s payments for the following year or use the money to fix Simon Sanchez High School.

“Last night, the Board of Education was screaming about not having enough money for repairs at Simon Sanchez High School. Since Core Tech International is so deadest on building Simon Sanchez, they owe us at least well over a million dollars --at least $2 million --in loss use of facility. Make the repairs of it at Simon Sanchez,” Cruz said.

And if Governor Calvo doesn’t re-negotiate the lease agreement, Speaker Cruz responded:

“Then, he’s not the businessman I thought he is. No business man worth his salt would allow somebody to take advantage of him that way. (Calvo’s) signed this lease, he should renegotiate it and demand Core Tech go up there and fix Simon Sanchez for at least $2 million worth of repairs,” he retorted.

Speaker Cruz added that he plans to draft legislation for the redirection of the savings if the lease agreement is renegotiated. 

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