Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Guam American Cancer Society highlights strides in cancer research

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Dr. Coran Watanabe, shares the exciting discoveries for cancer prevention study.

Guam – Dr. Coran Watanabe, the guest lecturer for Guam Regional Medical City today, shared the exciting discoveries for cancer prevention study.

Watanabe's lecture titled, “Inspiration from nature: nuiapolide, isolated from a Hawaiian Marine microbe displays anti-metastatic potential" showcases microorganisms Dr. Watanabe has identified from Pacific waters. Although the study is still in its early phases, the microorganism might have the potential to aide in the fight against cancer.

"The intent is that we want to be able to identify a compound that would prevent the migration of cancer cells from one site to another… natural products are compounds that we get from the environment and at least 50% of the drugs that we get on the market today come from these natural sources,” she explained.  

Dr. Watanabe's lecture was sponsored by the Guam American Cancer Society.

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