Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Ed. Board demands over $1M for Simon Sanchez High School repairs

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The Guam Education Board is requesting the Guam legislature to identify $1,012,000.00 to repair needs of Simon Sanchez High School.

Guam - In light of literal public outcry from Simon Sanchez High School stakeholders earlier this month, the Guam Education Board drafted a resolution prioritizing the renovation for the dilapidated high school.

GEB member Mark Mendiola read aloud the board’s resolution:

“The Guam Education Board is requesting the Guam legislature to identify available resources in the amount of one million twelve dollars ($1,012,000.00) to address the critical and urgent maintenance and to repair needs of Simon Sanchez High School and to expedite procurement for such purposes.”

Although the three page resolution is calling on the legislature to come up with a little over a million dollars, Senators Dennis Rodriguez Jr. and Joe San Agustin have already identified $430,000 to fund several critical repairs. Essentially, GEB is asking the law making body to come up with the remaining $582,000 for identified needs.

Those needs are:

-         - Restoration of nine temporary classrooms

-          - Relocation, repair or replacement of cafeteria air conditioning

-          - Modifications to classrooms within the main facility

-          - Roof leak repairs

-          - Restoration of classrooms 310 and 311

-          - Partitioning of the Barn classroom

-          - Exterior painting of the facility

-          - Installation of gymnasium mesh wire louver systems

-          - Replacement of gymnasium roll up doors

-          - Bus drop off canopy and drainage improvements

-          - Canopy repairs along the main exterior walkways

-          - Loading, shredding and grinding  of green waste

-          - Increasing pest control services

-          - General maintenance continuity of operations

In unison, the board sounded-off saying enough is enough.

“We do not want Simon Sanchez closed,” expressed board chairman Peter Alecxis Ada, adding, “we will do everything within our power to expedite the request. I would really like to see --it’s not gonna happen, but I would really like to see construction is already beginning come Saturday morning. But we hope and pray that we don’t delay because we don’t want any excuses!”

GEB is demanding that the renovation take place this summer, to be completed before the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year in the fall.  

Fellow board member Ron McNinch echoed Ada’s sentiments, saying, “The bottom line is our procurement law is a piece of junk and our elected leaders who had the courage to fix the procurement law:  cut the Department of Education out of this idiotic procurement process to craft whatever bill they make out of this resolution in such a way to let that school be fixed. Knock it off with bureaucratic double-talking nonsense because of that idiotic bureaucratic procurement law,” he quipped.

Chairman Ada said he has already spoken with a few members of the legislature to push this resolution through.


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