Tuesday, 16 May 2017

"The law is the law" - Sen. Aguon to GLUC

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Senator Frank Aguon Jr. blasts the Guam Land Use Commission for allegedly violating Guam law with the construction of LED billboards.

Guam – It’s been three months since Senator Frank Aguon Jr. blasted the Guam Land Use Commission for allegedly violating Guam law with the construction of LED billboards.

“I need to stress that there have been a couple of decisions that have been made by the GLUC that have been very concerning. And the AG‘s opinion yesterday validated those concerns that these commission members are interpreting the laws as they see fit. This commission has failed the people of Guam in that regard,” remarked Senator Aguon.

With the opinion from Attorney General Elizabeth Anderson, it appears that this will be the last of GLUC’s approval of any 30 foot signs in the future.

In response to the Democrat lawmaker’s query on the matter, the AG rescinded two variances granted by the commission saying in a letter that GLUC circumvented sign laws improperly.

However, this morning on K-57’S Morning’s with Patti, the AG confirms her office will not be looking to tearing down any billboards that are already erected.

“With regard to approval that has been given and permits that have been issued and signs that have been constructed, that’s a whole different ball whack. But for now, I’ve asked the commission to stop approving signs variances that do not have the support of the statute. The whole bottom line here is that we have an antiquated statute that hasn’t kept up with the times.

Antiquated or not, Aguon disagreed, telling PNC that the “law is the law.”

“We need to ensure that the decision that the AG came out with is consistent, and carried out, and enforced appropriately. If it’s gonna apply to applications that exist and future applicants then it also should apply to those who’ve already been given these permits,” he said.

This isn't the first time Aguon has taken issue with a GLUC decision. Back in the 33rd legislature, both Senator Frank Aguon and Tom Ada introduced bills that sought to restructure the GLUC, due to the commission’s controversial decision to allow for the construction of two high rise towers in Pago Bay.

A letter Aguon wrote to the AG says, “Knowingly and willfully disregarding the advice of the Assistant Attorney General presents a complicated issue addressing the priorities of this Board and its respect for the Rule of Law. Subsequently, the decision made by the GLUC sets an unwarranted precedent and tone that the GLUC is above the law.”

And now that the AG has made her stance clear, Aguon’s office says they plan on addressing the issue further in the legislature.


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