Thursday, 04 May 2017

AUDIT: GDOE spent $12M on third party agent

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Meanwhile, GDOE continues to be a high-risk grantee, according to the audit.

Guam - The Guam Department of Education’s high risk status has cost GovGuam $12.4 million in the last four years, according to an audit by the Office of Public Accountability.

The latest audit shows that for the last 14 consecutive years, GDOE has remained a high-risk grantee. This status led to the appointment of a third party fiduciary agent to oversee the education agency’s federal financial management.

In fiscal year 2016 alone, the audit states, GDOE paid the third party fiduciary agent $3 million. In addition, payroll expenses increased by $2.1 million as a result of some federally funded employees shifting to local employee status.

You can read the highlights by clicking on the file below.


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