Friday, 21 April 2017

Docomo Pacific unveils TiVo in their ONE quad bundles

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Docomo Pacific unveiled their new “ONE” quad bundle service plans, which include a new way for Guam residents to experience digital television — TiVo.

Guam - Jonathan Kriegel, President and CEO of Docomo Pacific, made the official announcement that the award-winning television entertainment system, TiVo, is now available with any of their four ONE quad bundles.

“What’s included in that bundle? The first thing is a brand-new cable television experience called TiVo. TiVo is an award-winning platform that changes the way you interact with your content — both your traditional cable television content and your over-the-top or online content, from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, whoever you like,” Kriegel said at a press conference.

Aside from TiVo, ONE bundle subscribers can also enjoy free long distance calls to the U.S., up to 48 gigs of shareable mobile data, and up to 100 megabits per second internet speeds, which is the fastest speed available on-island. Director of Marketing Ron Brewster says many factors can interfere with the speed, but Docomo Pacific carries products to offer the best customer experience.

“When we say 100 Mbps, we say up to 100 Mbps because there is a lot of factors involved: one factor is your distance, penetration of your Wi-Fi, so we’re talking about a Wi-Fi router in your house. It’s how close you are to it, and how good of a signal you’re getting from it; another factor is ‘is there any interference from any other Wi-Fi or frequency that’s going on around it?’; another factor is if your router can’t handle the speed that your internet provider is giving you,” Brewster told PNC. “We have routers in stock that will handle the 100 Mbps.”

All these services are currently only available in a ONE quad bundle plan, but Brewster says Docomo Pacific does plan to offer them singularly in the future. You can find out more about the ONE bundles on their website at

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