Thursday, 20 April 2017

Kingpins of a years-long drug conspiracy sentenced in District Court

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Francisco Arias and Eder Cortez-Zelaya were sentenced for mailing meth to Guam.

Guam - A years-long drug conspiracy to mail meth to Guam officially closed with the sentencing of those called the ‘kingpins’ of this scheme. 

Francisco Arias, an illegal immigrant from Mexico will serve life in prison for his role.  Eder Cortez-Zelaya, a naturalized citizen from El Salvador, was given 24 years’ confinement.  They were implicated in this conspiracy along with 15 others who were already sentenced, including a former Guam Homeland Security employee who pleaded guilty to mailing ice to his government office.

Arias and Cortez-Zelaya were sentenced in Federal Court for mailing packages containing the drug ice from Nevada to Guam from 2010 to 2014. The two men would get paid by wire transfer or cash deposits for supplying meth to their co-conspirators. Over 600 grams of meth were seized, which was valued at over $308,000.

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